Why Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Will Touch Everyone

The metaverse — a new way to get superpowers

- Generally speaking, there is nothing new in the idea of metaworld: it has been floating around for a long time and many companies and startups are already working on its realization, — says Andrey Komissarov, Founder & CTO of DEVAR. — Globally, people always aspire to some improvements, to superpowers: to fly faster (planes), to hear and see better (special devices), to recover faster, and to improve the quality of life (medical drugs).

Revolution does not happen overnight

The speed of mass diffusion may be limited by certain factors. For example, the quality of the devices. FB is now releasing generation after generation of new VR/AR (Oculus) glasses. We know that both Apple and Snapchat are creating AR glasses. There is no doubt that a convenient mass-market device will hit the market in the foreseeable future and will be a driver of growth in the consumption of metaverse content.

How technology can help everyone go to space

We were particularly excited about the AR and space examples yesterday. So, we really want to share a fun video with you. In fact, we foresaw this for Zuckerberg’s presentation years ago… just kidding! Since 2015, we’ve been talking about completely changing the world around us using XR technology. Space is one of the most popular topics when you can dive into a new layer of the world through AR.



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