Good news! We’re finalists of the Auggie Awards 2021 in 2 nominations!

Anna Belova
2 min readOct 21, 2021

AWE 2021 is the largest event in the field of augmented, virtual and mixed reality. The boldest, most creative and innovative ideas from the field of augmented reality from all over the world are presented here.


MyWebAR, our service for creating augmented reality in browser.

Users in 150 countries create their own amazing Augmented Reality projects, among them menu items, business cards, live souvenirs and art exhibitions, marketing promos, ads, and even real estate cases. More than 200 educational institutions from around the globe are on board- the USA (Duke University, University of the Arts, Virginia Tech), Australia (The University of Sydney) and many others.

«BEST GAME OR TOY» category:

World’s first augmented reality microscope, created by DEVAR together with Eastcolight (Hong Kong).

With AR added to Microscope slides it’s possible to review the animated viruses & bacterias and conduct safe experiments on them (explore the impact of UV/temperature/humidity,etc). Normally you need special equipment for such kind of studies, but we’re convinced that great discoveries don’t require a lab! To make learning more fun, we developed battle and shooter games that will help kids to find out how to beat different types of viruses/bacteria!

This project has already been recognized at the international iF Design Award 2021.

Thank you all for your support, we truly believe that augmented reality will change this world!



Anna Belova

Founder & CEO DEVAR - canva for Augmented Reality. Forbes U30